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Faint Obsessions

  • Standard Toykraft 722 Metropolitan Avenue 3rd Fl Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

"Faint Obsessions" showcases a series of works that portray explorations of fascination, longing, and mystery. Ranging from humanistic to coldly abstract, these films offer perspectives on the primitive desires that haunt the individual, as well as curiosities on the celestial level. In accordance, the films present a cinematic inquiry into the obscure and unreachable. 

The program:

Occurrences of Light
Cory Dahn ­ 10 min. 16mm
a memory.
present, passing,
lucid, opaque,
reflections, recollections,
Occurrences of light.

Cory Dahn is a filmmaker & cinematographer from New Jersey living in Brooklyn. He has
many interests: jazz, cinema, bird watching, pinball, frisbee, biking, hiking, drivin’, walkin’,
talkin’ , singin’, dancin’, jivin’, VHS, & bagels. Limb of BUCKSHOT PRODUCTIONS /


Crawling to Paradise
Daniel V. Masciari ­ 17 min. HD
Ben and Sarah work at a gas station. They’ve never left town and dream of leaving their
trailer behind to head toward Hawaii. But this dream may remain, just a dream.

Daniel V. Masciari is a filmmaker and editor based in New York. His obsession with
Hawaiian steel guitar is still strong.


Lunar Distance
Daniel C. Doran ­ 3 min. MiniDV
Jeff DuMont recalls his encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object. Lunar Distance was
shot in Rochester, Brooklyn, and on a wild road trip back from Colorado in a big yellow
handicap bus.

Daniel C. Doran is a filmmaker living in Brooklyn, New York. He enjoys a strong cup of
coffee and gardening.

Mike McCabe ­ 12 min. 16mm

A wave of inscrutable disappearances and fantastical claims disrupts the life of a mother,
Evangeline. The trauma of losing a loved one forces a reckoning with her daughter and

Mike McCabe is a filmmaker in New York with mixed feelings about Wes Anderson. When
not making movies, Mike is consuming too much media and too much coffee, or going on
aimless walks through the city. His creative output is generally a result of these elements.
He was also recently fired from his part­time job as a bike tour guide for being considered
not funny enough.


Cory Dahn ­ 8 min. 16mm.

a dream,
between spaces.
light created life,
and perpetuates.
light has its own life.
and their death is parallel.