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The Tank Presents: Dead Parents Club

If you’re not a member of the Dead Parents Club yet … you will be. That’s why the Tank has brought some of New York City’s top performers to share their harrowing, heartwarming, and often hilarious true life stories of being part of the worst club we all eventually have to join.

The Dead Parents Club Solo Show Festival will be held at our partner theater, Standard ToyKraft in Williamsburg, and features storytellers who have performed on The Moth MainStage, RISK! Live, Snap Judgment, and in storytelling festivals and shows literally across the globe.

At Standard ToyKraft
722 Metropolitan Avenue, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11211


Sunday, June 19

7PM James III | Junior
8:30 Brad Lawrence | The Measure of a Man

Monday, June 20

7PM Sandi Marx | You’ll Be Sorry
8:30 Nicole Ferraro | Why So Much Shame? 

Tuesday, June 21

7PM Lori Baird | My Parents are Dead + I’m Okay With That
8:30 Sharon Spell | You’re Doing Great

Wednesday, June 22

7PM Joe Charnitski | Joe Charnitski's Funeral
8:30 Morgan Pielli | Untitled