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The Robot Battle Rises From The Snow Storm Seeking Revenge! (A Make-up Event)

The Robot Battle Rises From The Snow Storm Seeking Revenge! (A Make-up Event)

FEBRUARY 19 at 8pm

Tickets available in advance

The Snow Storm on the 23rd defeated us, but we have risen from the snow and are back to battle!! 
Join us for the rescheduled event. An evening of Cardboard Carnage, Ring Girls, Awesome live music, inter-match shows, drink specials and so so much more. 


At times lean and bristling, at others transcendent and rapturous, O Paradiso's songs are bred from lush, distressed harmonic structures and sharp rhythms interwoven with both colorful and commanding lyrical interjections. The result are taught compositions hinged at a breaking point of rhythmic grace, electronic experimentation and a raw pioneering rock n’ roll spirit.

With their mesmerizing interactive and visual performances with creative collective Polyphony gaining acclaim in New York City, sharing stages with the likes of Maria Minerva, Light Asylum, Kelsey Lu, Excepter, Young Magic and Psychic Twin, 2014 tours in Europe and U.S., and an ambitious release schedule of multiple vinyl/digital singles throughout 2015 and 2016, O Paradiso is poised to introduce their adventurous new sound and performances to ever widening audiences.

Stereogum, Miles Bowe: “The jerky, abnormal percussion got the audience interest[ed], and the best moments were when they balance a certain creepiness with their sweet melodies. I’ll be keeping an eye on them.”

And Special Guest Holly Ween !!!!!!

 She's Burlesque's Scream Queen, bringing horror and camp to the world of burlesque. Holly has been performing since 2008 and is known for her elaborate costumes and off the wall acts. She won Miss Vagina Dentata 2013, Alternatease's Psychotic Erotic Engineering award, and survived to the Top 3 in Round 1 of Philadelphia's Burlesque Battle Royale. She performs with Cosplay Burlesque, White Elephant Burlesque Society, Brunswick Basement Burlesque, and anywhere else that'll have her.
We're so grateful to be sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery