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The Cardboard Robot Battle Episode V

The epic event returns for more insane robo-violence! 9 puppeteers compete in a fight to the death! Only 1 bot will reign supreme!

9 Contestants will build their own robot out of cardboard and packing tape. These are the only materials allowed!!  They should paint and decorate their robots, but more importantly they create cardboard killing machines.

  • Robots should be of "vehicle" design, similar to the Mars Rover or other type machines. Contestants are not allowed to create humanoid robot costumes. No Robocops here! This will give an unfair advantage, and be more akin to the human sport known as "boxing".
  • Judges will award points for the most original and well designed robot.
  • 2 Robots will enter the ring based on a "heavy weight- light weight" system. The winners will then proceed to a Battle Royal Round where all the champions will battle one another. 
  • Robots may have moving parts, provided they are also made of cardboard.
  • The human pilots must be completely concealed within the robot. If they like they may expose their head at the pilot's own risk. Helmets are strongly encouraged here.
  • All contestants are to have a "pit crew" of one. This person can make repairs between rounds, and offer the human sentiment known as "encouragement". The pit crews are only allowed packing tape for repairs. No Spare Cardboard is allowed!!! 
  • Rounds last 3 minutes.  When the human pilot is revealed, the battle is over. 
  • The Robot that exposes his opponent's pilot is the winner of the Battle. 
  • The same rules apply for the Final Battle Royal: An exposed human means your robot is down for the count. 
  • Our guest judges will make the call, and award our champions. 

TIckets $18 online and at the door.

*If you've got the nuts & bolts to compete, contact us at with Robot as the subject.

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