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Puppets and Pasties

Puppets and Pasties returns for another month! It’s a burlesque variety show that will tickle your inner child. A night of puppet acts, music, magic, drinks, burlesque and puppet burlesque acts with a few surprises hosted by Magic Max Kovins. Come on out and be part of a studio audience while we perform a show where Howdy Doody meets Mrs. Henderson. Its a completely immersive event where we turn our theater into a Romper Room of color, sound, characters and playmates. Our special guests this month:

Jenny Hann is an actress, puppeteer and part time comedic burlesque artisan. She has performed all over the world - like China and Italy specifically...and especially loves being extra weird. Her favorite roles include "Legs of Bunraku frog," from Howdy-Do Show, "Legs of Peacock" from The Completely True, Tales of Boris the Peacock, and Laura Wingfield from The Glass Menagerie...who also has really great gams. Her favorite color majestic purple and her favorite food is funnel cake.

Dolly Dietrich is a notorious burlesque performer, dancer and lady. Get revved up to watch this ecdysiast light up and strip down!

Scarlett Lace is a classically trained dancer who holds a BA in Dance from UNLV. She's been performing and producing here in NYC for 2.5 yrs. All of her acts are heavily influenced by her dance training and reflect her love of storytelling through choreography. She can be seen at Nurse Bettie on 9/16 and Go-Go dancing for the New York Burlesque Festival at the Teaser Party 9/24 at The Bell House.