The Robot Battle Rises From The Snow Storm Seeking Revenge! (A Make-up Event)
Feb 20

The Robot Battle Rises From The Snow Storm Seeking Revenge! (A Make-up Event)

The Robot Battle Rises From The Snow Storm Seeking Revenge! (A Make-up Event)

FEBRUARY 19 at 8pm

Tickets available in advance

The Snow Storm on the 23rd defeated us, but we have risen from the snow and are back to battle!! 
Join us for the rescheduled event. An evening of Cardboard Carnage, Ring Girls, Awesome live music, inter-match shows, drink specials and so so much more. 



At times lean and bristling, at others transcendent and rapturous, O Paradiso's songs are bred from lush, distressed harmonic structures and sharp rhythms interwoven with both colorful and commanding lyrical interjections. The result are taught compositions hinged at a breaking point of rhythmic grace, electronic experimentation and a raw pioneering rock n’ roll spirit.


With their mesmerizing interactive and visual performances with creative collective Polyphony gaining acclaim in New York City, sharing stages with the likes of Maria Minerva, Light Asylum, Kelsey Lu, Excepter, Young Magic and Psychic Twin, 2014 tours in Europe and U.S., and an ambitious release schedule of multiple vinyl/digital singles throughout 2015 and 2016, O Paradiso is poised to introduce their adventurous new sound and performances to ever widening audiences.




Stereogum, Miles Bowe: “The jerky, abnormal percussion got the audience interest[ed], and the best moments were when they balance a certain creepiness with their sweet melodies. I’ll be keeping an eye on them.”

And Special Guest Holly Ween !!!!!!

 She's Burlesque's Scream Queen, bringing horror and camp to the world of burlesque. Holly has been performing since 2008 and is known for her elaborate costumes and off the wall acts. She won Miss Vagina Dentata 2013, Alternatease's Psychotic Erotic Engineering award, and survived to the Top 3 in Round 1 of Philadelphia's Burlesque Battle Royale. She performs with Cosplay Burlesque, White Elephant Burlesque Society, Brunswick Basement Burlesque, and anywhere else that'll have her.
We're so grateful to be sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery

5:00 pm17:00

Caitlin's Birthday Talent Show

Caitlin's Birthday Talent Show


Caitlin and friends celebrate her 42nd birthday by revisiting/replaying their middle school talent show disasters.


We're practicing our dance routines,  dusting off our clarinets, seeing if we still remember how to juggle, looking up words to songs from our old bands.


This should be a sloppy, silly, nostalgic mess of an event.  Can't imagine we'd warp up the show without a big old jam/singalong.

FK80's Robot Show Workshop
8:00 pm20:00

FK80's Robot Show Workshop

FK80's Robot Show Workshop
February 26th at 8:00pm

Resident Artist Caitie Correll has been developing a show utilizing high tech puppetry - It's part puppet show, part live musical performance, part tech demo, and all weird performance art. 
I'm super excited to have been working with some incredibly talented collaborators to have brought this to a place where I can finally start sharing it- what you'll be seeing is a rough draft of the show, a proof of concept to see if she's "actually working with a viable concept." 

Puppets & Pasties Heartbreak Show
Feb 7

Puppets & Pasties Heartbreak Show

   Puppets & Pasties Is Back!  
Join us for The Heartbreak Show Just in Time of Valentines Day

February 6th, 10PM
Tickets: $10

An Evening of Heartbreak told through hilarious puppet acts and burlesque numbers with no shortage of surprises, raffles, & drinks.

Arlee Chadwick!!!
She's performed for kids all over the world.  She has performed as a puppeteer for international tours, helped many Muppets with their dance moves & was 1st runner up at New York's Got Talent at Time Scare!
She and her feline friend Decaf will amaze and amuse us.

Broody Valentino

is a NYC based puppet artist and burlesque performer. He is a recent graduate of the New York School of Burlesque’s Boylesque series taught by Jonny Porkpie. He has been performing all over the east coast in bars, clubs, theatre spaces, and any old place that will have him. From stripping to his skivvies at The Slipper Room and The Stonewall Inn, to creating delicate movement as a puppeteer in the Unitard’s Point Pleasant at St. Anne’s Warehouse. Oh, and watch out Scandinavia he’s coming your way soon!

"Mind-boggling Artistry & Athleticism!" This dynamic acrobat duo have spread laughs, gaffs, and broken hearts in over 70 countries.  Indulge your curiosity and enjoy minute after muscle-popping minute of circus, shenanigans, and song.


8:00 pm20:00

The Cardboard Robot Battle Episode V

The epic event returns for more insane robo-violence! 9 puppeteers compete in a fight to the death! Only 1 bot will reign supreme!

9 Contestants will build their own robot out of cardboard and packing tape. These are the only materials allowed!!  They should paint and decorate their robots, but more importantly they create cardboard killing machines.

  • Robots should be of "vehicle" design, similar to the Mars Rover or other type machines. Contestants are not allowed to create humanoid robot costumes. No Robocops here! This will give an unfair advantage, and be more akin to the human sport known as "boxing".
  • Judges will award points for the most original and well designed robot.
  • 2 Robots will enter the ring based on a "heavy weight- light weight" system. The winners will then proceed to a Battle Royal Round where all the champions will battle one another. 
  • Robots may have moving parts, provided they are also made of cardboard.
  • The human pilots must be completely concealed within the robot. If they like they may expose their head at the pilot's own risk. Helmets are strongly encouraged here.
  • All contestants are to have a "pit crew" of one. This person can make repairs between rounds, and offer the human sentiment known as "encouragement". The pit crews are only allowed packing tape for repairs. No Spare Cardboard is allowed!!! 
  • Rounds last 3 minutes.  When the human pilot is revealed, the battle is over. 
  • The Robot that exposes his opponent's pilot is the winner of the Battle. 
  • The same rules apply for the Final Battle Royal: An exposed human means your robot is down for the count. 
  • Our guest judges will make the call, and award our champions. 

TIckets $18 online and at the door.

*If you've got the nuts & bolts to compete, contact us at with Robot as the subject.

3:30 pm15:30

Cardboard Robot Battle POSTPONED

Greetings Humans,

Due to the fragile state of your weakling human bodies the robots decided to spare you the commute in this inhospitable weather.
This is not a cancellation but a postponement.

We will return!

Standard Toykraft is sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Snow and wind defeat cardboard, but cardboard will have its revenge. The new event date will be announced soon so stay tuned. We will refund tickets or they can be applied to the postponement.

If you have any questions please email info@standardtoykraft

Stay warm and dry.

Regretfully yours,

Standard Toykraf

Jan 31

Brooklyn Misfits: Donation-based Fitness

The Brooklyn Misfits are a training club dedicated to motivate and inspire in an accepting and inviting atmosphere. We are a crew that works hard and trains even harder. We do not fit into the typical fitness norms and dominate the scene by working as a team using the environment around us. We incorporate endurance and circuit training into an hour long workout that will challenge you physically and mentally. But don't worry... your trainers and team will be there every step of the way! And as always, we maintain a judgement free zone. All fitness levels welcome!

Every Wednesday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 10:30am at Standard Toy Kraft (Beginning Jan 6th)

The best way to reserve a spot is to send us an e-mail with your first and last name, the date(s) you would like to attend, and any fitness goals you have in mind for yourself. Everything is personalized, and we will get back to you confirming details you will need for the class.

Currently, Brooklyn Misfits fitness classes are donation based. Although any amount is welcomed with extreme gratitude, we suggest a $10 minimum per class. Donations will be collected in person via venmo or cash. Other payment methods can be discussed via e-mail.