Welcome To Standard Toykraft. We are a multipurpose community based theatre that features low cost artist studios, rehearsal space and fantastic and unique shows and events of all kinds.

Standard Toykraft Presents 
Friday, September 5th at 8:00pm
Tickets $10 in advance $13 at the door


Join us for an evening of freaks, geeks and drinks.  And don’t forget the popcorn,  We’ll be featuring an array of sideshow performance artists.  Fire eating, burlesque, contortions, magic, puppetry and music!  



A Comedy Hypnosis Show
Tickets Available at
September 13 at 8pm
$13 in advance $15 at the door



Hypnotist Max Kovins stars in Entranced, assisted by Kristen Lee.

Max Kovins, one of the world's fastest Hypnotists, will have you convulsed with side-splitting laughter as you watch volunteers from the audience act out hilarious situations based on his hypnotic suggestions. 

Entranced is a show where the audience members are the true stars! 

Entranced is a solid sixty minute show without intermission, that will fly by in the blink of an eye.

Brooklyn, born and reared, Max Kovins is a third generation Carny who has been practicing Magic and the related arts for over 42 years. Max has performed on both the East and West Coast and can be seen in Burlesque productions throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan and is a favored emcee as well.

Kristen Lee, Miss Coney Island Pinup '08 & '10, is the coproducer of Cherry Pop burlesque, and a member of the Rachel Klein movement theater ensemble


September 27th at 8pm


Tickets $10 available


Six guest storytellers and musical guests await you at this event where you can sit in the dark, eat popcorn, and hear true tales that are stranger and more glorious than anything we could have made up ourselves.                                       

 Standard Toykrafts 
Fall Festival Fundraiser!!!!!!

         Tickets $15 at the door $10 in advance at

It’s hard to believe that this is our third Fall Festival!   We owe it all to you and your continued support of our community art space and theater.  We like to keep our theater space cheap and available to all.  We’re still the cheapest game in town for studio space and theater rentals.  Our mission is to support artists’ creative endeavors by keeping our rates low and offering artist residencies.  You can help us with our mission by joining us on September 26th! This year we’re back with our signature fundraising event. If you haven’t been before you HAVE to come see Standard Toykraft transformed into an ol’timey country fair.  You’ll be transported!  It’s full of carnival games, music, popcorn, fall themed drinks, music, food, face painting, a pie eating contest, ladies arm wrestling event and our virtual hayride.  It’s the most fun you’ll have supporting a good cause.  
I hope to see you there and thank you again!
Daniel Patrick Fay 
Artistic Director of STK